Ways you can offer support and make a real difference (under construction)
Support is needed with:
Kindly provided by:

Photography/Videography Services

Getting the right images and building a portfolio of video footage is critical in being able to demonstrate my abilities and in being able to share my progress.  Contributing or discounting your services would be a huge help.
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Discount Vouchers/Codes

Level 1 support is all about financial contributions via MAKEACHAMP to help me progress. Being able to provide a 'Thank you' to my contributors with a discount voucher for your store or services would be a great reward.
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As with discount vouchers, being able to provide a 'Thank you' to my contributors with some slick merchandise would be so cool. If your company gets merchandise made for you and you can tag an order on the end for me, that would be awesome.
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Snowboarding Gear

The right gear is key and the right gear is not cheap.  There is a lot of it too. As well as stuff to wear, there's also body armour/protection, snowboard, bindings, boots etc.  Any help providing or discounting gear would be totally awesome.
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Supplementary Training

To progress, I need more that the technical and freestyle snowboarding training on snow.  I also need to practice spins, flips and corks on a trampoline. Gymnastics too is key to the core strengths a snowboarder needs.  Can you help out here?
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Digital Marketing

Support, advise or promotion for anything associated with social media, SEO, digital marketing, UI and UX would be amazing.  I've put together a package that I think is OK but it's as far as I can go.  Your help in this area would be great.
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